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Clamber (they/he) is a queer artist studying non-places and the disembodiment of being in a society where they do not seem to fit anywhere in particular. Clamber practice involves exploring specific senses through a variety of mediums, including film, music, photography and industrial critique.

Using field recordings and heavy rhythmic patterns, Clamber combines hypnotic visuals with stunning soundscapes to create a sonic portrait of human landscapes often passed through. Their output involves noise performances, installations, sound collage and general states of sonic and sensory arrest. 

They are the co-founder of Bento Records and the former Boathouse Experimental Studios, a queer-run underground venue. They have performed in Portland, Boston and California.

Clamber has worked in creative photography, set design, and in the art department on music videos, films, and professional shoots. 

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Bento Records, Portland, Oregon 

Released 7 albums on a small, DIY label aimed at releasing music that would not otherwise be supported by larger labels.  


Co-Founder and Curator
Boathouse Experimental Studios, Portland, OR
Oct 2018 – 2020

Boathouse Experimental Studios was a  underground experimental media space in Portland, Oregon. We invited people who were doing experimental work and documented their work in a high quality way. We hosted shows focusing on VR/AR/queer communities, experimental and immersive installations. The venue served as a photography and film studio, providing a chance to grow and experiment with storytelling.


Research Fellow
Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, California
Dec 2018 – Present

Worked on ideas to improve design, ethics, and user experience for the future of technology. Doing deep research on cosmotechnics, global trends, and how aesthetics affect technological development.



Lewis and Clark College
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Sociology/Anthropology
2005 – 2008

Activities and Societies: President, Lewis & Clark Society for the Arts, GOLD Leadership Retreat, Co-founded Lewis & Clark Society for Economists and Entrepreneurs, Young Inventors International. Co-founded GreenIt! (now EverCharge), company producing electric vehicle charging stations. Filed patent on ecar charging technology. Presented at DOW Jones Emerging Ventures Forum. Completed student research on mobile technology. NACA Member, Gold Leadership Retreat, International Fair, Association for Student Entrepreneurs.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021