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August 2018 - present

Boathouse Experimental Studios is a temporary underground experimental music//performance//art space in Portland, Oregon. The venue shares space with Boathouse Microcinema

Much of what we see on television and the web is formal and repetitive. It is difficult to find support to do the next thing, but if there are examples of people doing things differently, it can help give people the courage to off-road as well.

The idea of the program is to invite people who are doing experimental work--work often rejected by typical music venues--and to document and archive this work in a high quality way.

Videos from 12 months of shows will eventually make their way onto and into a small documentary about noise and ambient music in Portland, Oregon. The work is intended to be an inspiration for the next generation of experimental artists, performers and musicans.

For more information and for upcoming shows, visit the Facebook page.

experimental musician Folian performing at Boathouse Experimental Studios 

Personality Test performing at Boathouse Experimental Studios

Tuesday Oct 5 2021