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This track uses samples recorded from Spain and Portugal to create a lush, experimental soundscape archiving the flattened, simultaneous landscape of history and modernity in two historic Western European countries. 

Performed live at Pink Noise II in Portland, Oregon. 

Contents //

  • Portuguese Catholic mass ―  recorded on a Sunday afternoon in Braga, Portugal
  • Drain sound ― Alhambra of Granada, Spain 
  • Train crossing sound ― Spain 
  • Water sound from an malfunctioning old toilet in an AirBNB ― Granada old town

Additional Samples // 

  • Cutlery ― Sou'wester residence
  • Singing bowls  ― 4 samples from New Age bookstore, Portland
  • Harp samples ― Dasha

released October 16, 2018

Tuesday Oct 5 2021