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Lisa Frank waves installated at S1’s January 2020 benefit show for Casa Amiga. The piece consists of multiple stacked waves, color graded to incite a feeling of warm restoration. Installation help and direction was provided by @higher.feeling.  


Button Tree was a collaborative effort with Reese Bowes for The University of Oregon's What is Technology? Conference on April 9-11th. The exhibition consists of two headphone sets and nine interactive buttons. Participants are invited to wear headphones and press the buttons. Each button is connected to a different sound, allowing users to collaboratively play an experimental piece with each other. The piece was composed by Clamber using a sound collage method of altering found sounds in the environment. The concept was programmed by Reese Bowes of PNCA and Intel. The exhibit was curated by Jeremy Swartz and Dean Walton.

APRIL 11—MAY 9, 2019


Sound Installation at MIT’s Compton Gallery for the 50th Anniversary of CAVS

Created a series of six original pieces created with sounds from the gallery to be played on loop on a portable PA system. Visitors could relax on mats to listen to the sounds.

CAVS was a bold experiment connecting artists with forefronts of science and engineering. New artistic media and methods, as well as scales of expression for expanding audiences were pioneered at CAVS through the art-driven, interdisciplinary collaborations that became its hallmark. 

January 2018

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