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Sound can profoundly impact how people interact with reality. Well-designed sounds can be exceptionally effective in conveying subtle distinctions, emotion, urgency, and information without adding visual clutter.

Just as visual designers have a set of benchmarks and a design language to guide their work, this book provides a toolkit for the auditory experience, improving collaboration for a wide variety of stakeholders, from product developers to composers, user experience designers to architects. This practical guide explains why sound design is critical to the success of products, environments, and experiences. You’ll learn a complete process for designing, prototyping, and testing sound.

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Jan 2019

"I believe this to be a pioneering effort. It connects sound with products and experiences in a way that makes it hard for future books to stand shoulder to shoulder with this one. It takes a career of decades to be able to write this."
                                                                                        ― Peter Sikking, Interaction Designer

Tuesday Oct 5 2021