Clamber is a photographer, filmmaker and performer based in Portland, Oregon.

Clamber’s film and photography work involves archiving people and events for the long term. They have recieved a grant from RACC to film artists in their studios, and they frequently provide pro-bono work to queer and women-run businesses and individuals in Portland, Oregon.

Clamber’s sound practice involves stretching or collapsing time around mundane, isolated moments through slowing down found samples of video and audio recordings. They frequently perform at underground galleries and music venues in Portland, Oregon.

Clamber’s art practice investigates the places and spaces where people are put on pause, specifically the loneliness, isolation and anomie of modern structures, and the non-places, the in-between spaces where people are without relation, identity or history.


Somewhat reliable sources have told us that the only way to contact Clamber is by texting the watermelon emoji to 503-999-7568 while in a non-place

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