I am currently a researcher for major companies in the field of product strategy, design and innovation. I am also an avid photographer, filmmaker and experiential designer, often helping teams to build sets, create unique narratives and stretch the bounds of art and technology. She is the author of the globally recognized book Calm Technology. My TED Talk, "We are All Cyborgs Now" has over 2 million views. My last company, a low power geolocation service called Geoloqi, was inspired by an art project and later acquired by global mapping leader Esri. In my free time, I run an experimental gallery and collaborate with artists in the Portland art scene.

I have deep experience leading both tech and design teams, and at my last job managed a team of 25. My biggest strength in strategy and user experience, but I speak creative, including photography, video and branding. I got my start in agency work at Weiden+Kennedy in 2009 and I'm familiar with creative environments and workflows. I'm especially good at web, mobile, connected devices and new products, as well as events and activations. 

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